Fish Auctions/Sales
Name Internet Country
Ff Of Denmark DNK
FF Skagen DNK
Fiskernes Fiskesortering Amba DNK
Fiskernes Samlecentral DNK
Fiskernes Samlecentral Amba DNK
Grenaa Sorteringscentral DNK
Hanstholm Fiskeauktion DNK
Hirtshals Fiskeauktion DNK
Hvide Sande Fiskeauktion A/S DNK
Myre Fiskemottak As NOR
Serviceteam Skagen DNK
Strandby Fiskeauktion DNK
Strandby Samlecentral DNK
Thorkil Grøn's Samlecentral DNK
Triplenine Fish Protein A.M.B.A DNK

Fish Industry
Name Internet Country
Ff Of Denmark DNK
Ff Skagen DNK
Fiskernes Fiskeindustri Amba DNK
Hanstholm Fiskemelsfabrik DNK
OSO Maritim AS NOR
Selstad As NOR
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