Vard Group AS
P.O. Box 76

Telephone (+ 47) 70 21 06 00
Telephone (+ 47) 21 02 15 00
Telefax     (+ 47) 23 50 23 40
Enterprise no.  980100820

VARD is a major global shipbuilder, constructing offshore and specialized vessels used in the offshore oil and gas exploration & production and oil services industries.

Our core business is innovative design and construction of complex and highly customized OSV's, including PSV's, AHTS's and advanced OSCV's. In addition, we produce specialized vessels such as LNG-powered ferries, naval and coast guard vessels, fishing vessels and non-offshore related icebreakers with customers-specific applications.

We have ten shipbuilding facilities worldwide – five in Norway, two in Romania, two in Brazil and one in Vietnam. Our strategically located shipyards enable us to meet every need of a diverse and sophisticated global customer base.?

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