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Maritime Products

Shipping is perhaps the most international of all the world's industries, serving more than 90 per cent of global trade. As a consequence there is a need for international standards to regulate shipping that can be readily adopted and accepted by everyone. Based on IMOs regulations and the SOLAS 1974 convention, Jotron has been at the forefront when it comes to safety communication products.

Global Maritime Distress & Safety System, known as GMDSS, was put into force in 1992 by IMO. This meant that for all ships covered by the SOLAS convention it was a mandatory requirement to install one 406 MHz float-free EPIRB, two radar transponders and portable VHFs. Since the integration of GMDSS, Jotron has been a major supplier of the specified emergency radio equipment necessary to fulfil these requirements.

In addition Jotron can provide reliable and professional communication products for commercial vessels, fishing vessels and large pleasure crafts as well as high intensity marker and emergency lights for various marine and personal applications as diverse as hiking, diving, fish farms and lifeboats.

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