Karm°y Winch As
P.O.Box 160
P.O.Box 160

Telephone (+ 47) 52 85 68 00
Telefax     (+ 47) 52 85 68 02
E-mail      post@karmoy-winch.no
Internet     www.karmoy-winch.no

Karm°y Winch AS manufactures most types of deck machinery for ships and offer a complete package of system design and engineering in order to ensure good operation and high reliability. We manufacture complete deck machinery packages for Fishing vessels, Tankers, Tugs, Anchor handling and Supply vessels.

We have a continues development of our products. Our focus on innovation have made us among the world leaders in several product areas. Our quality assurance system fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001.

Karm°y Winch AS offer complete package of design, engineering, production, test and service. In addition to our standard product range, we design units to meet special costumers needs.

Category Trademark
Manufacturer Karm
  Karm°y Winch

Category Type
Manufacturer Crane
  Fish pump
  Seine winch
  Shark jaws
  Towing pins
  Vacuum discharge pump

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