Damgaard Fishing AS - Meydam
P.O.Box 106

Telephone (+ 47) 51 46 33 80
Telefax     (+ 47) 51 46 33 90
E-mail      mail@meydam.com
Internet     meydam.com
Enterprise no.  980 166 996

Meydam AS was founded in 1981, and is today on of the leading suppliers of quality equipment for the fishing fleet, and the fishing industry and fish farming industry. The company has a wide network of partners worldwide, companies that are able to provide the service and support that customers expect and require in modern fishing. The main office is located centrally in Egersund harbour, enabling Meydam optimal opportunity for providing customers with needed equipment and support. Meydam also has its own mechanical workshop in Egersund, with a 2x70 meter deep water quay.

Category Trademark
Dealer Petrel
Manufacturer Meydam

Category Type
Manufacturer Crane
  Net handler
Sale & Service Fish pump
  Net hauler
  Seine winch
  Trawl winch

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