Hydema As
P.O.Box 113

Telephone (+ 47) 69 36 07 00
Telefax     (+ 47) 69 36 07 01
E-mail      post@hydemasyd.com
Internet     www.hydemasyd.com

For almost 100 years the Rapp Marine Group successively has developed new generations of advanced machinery and equipment for the marine and offshore oil industries world wide.
Our high priority of R&D activities are closely linked to the groups basic strategy: Creating products and solutions at the technological forefront.

We emphasize optimal performance and rational operations for customers and ourselves.
The Group employs 350 people, who create values for more than USD 50 mill a year.

Category Trademark
Manufacturer Hydema
  Rapp Hydema

Category Type
Manufacturer Capstan
  Fishing gear
  Net handler
  Net hauler

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