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Norgeskajen 14

Telephone (+ +45) 98 94 19 99
Telefax     (+ +45) 98 94 41 33

Welcome to
Hirtshals Fiskeauktion ApS

Service of excellent quality, good prices, and a quick settling of accounts, are among the advantages achieved when the fish are sold at the Fish Auction in Hirtshals.
We are a modern fish auction, constantly directing our attention to the future - at the same time having more than seventy years of experience in the sale of fish.

In Hirtshals your catch can be unloaded and sorted at all hours of the day and night, and our auction hall is equipped with all the most modern cold storage facilities.
Hirtshals Harbour, centrally situated close to the big European market, is able to offer fishing vessels every kind of service all round the clock.

2014 Shipping Publications as   Phone +47 331 81180