Måløy Verft AS
Nedre Tennebø

Telephone (+ 47) 57 84 98 00
Telefax     (+ 47) 57 84 98 01
E-mail      firmapost@maloy-verft.no
Internet     www.maloy-verft.no
Enterprise no.  972424129

Et komplett anlegg anlegg for kystfiskeflåten. Vi utfører alt innen:
* Reparasjon * Ombygging * Vedlikehold i stål
* Slippsetter båter inntill 80 tonn i oppvarmet hall

Our vessels are known for excellent seakeeping, fuel efficiency, and reliability. Måløy Verft is a pioneer in building SWATH vessels in composites. We intend to remain in the forefront of design of efficient and innovative ves sels for the active offshore industries. This can only be achieved by constantly exploring new technologies, methods and markets.

As a higly diversified yard, the choice of fitting composite is based the task at hand. Weight concern, strength, stiffness, cost and intended scope of use are only few of the deciding factors when choosing between the use of S-Glass, Carbonfiber or both materials.

Måløy Verft exlusively builds tailor made vessels to its customers. Every vessel we deliver is built to the demands to demands of the task.

24.hrs Service call our main number: +47 47 77 25 90
Our Travellift boatlift makes us flexible and capable of slipping on a short notice.

Maximum docking size: 130Tonnes
Floating Pier: 32m x 11,5m
Deep water Quay: 25meters
Dock Crane: 120meters, depth 6 to 13 meters.
Construction Hall: 2m x 16m x 12m(Height below cranes), Isolated hall equipped for composite construction.
Bridge cranes in construction Hall: 20T and 25T
Composite construction Facilities:
Engine repair facilities:
Welding and metal facilities
Carpentry and Interior facilities.
Shop: Spareparts, fittings, material high pressure hoses, lube oil, filters etc

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