Ff Of Denmark
P.O.Box 164

Telephone (+ +45) 98 44 11 00
Telefax     (+ +45) 98 45 02 11
E-mail      ff@ff-of-denmark.com
Internet     www.ff-of-denmark.com

FF of Denmark is one of the world's leading producers of fish meal and fish oil.

As the first producer in the industry, we have been certified in accordance with the systems for ISO 9000 and ISO 14001, which documents that we have introduced both quality management and environmental management.

Our Mission
The mission of FF OF DENMARK is to produce, market and deliver the finest fishmeal and fishoil proteins, manufactured from absolutely fresh rawmaterials, to the quality demands from our customers.

2014 Shipping Publications as   Phone +47 331 81180   info@shipping-publ.no