Havyard Maritime AS
P.O.Box 215

E-mail      design@havyard.com
Internet     www.havyard.com
Enterprise no.  988162175

Havyard Maritime is a technology-focused company engaging in the design of new vessels. The Arctic includes some of the most remote and vulnerable regions of the globe, and the highest safety and environmental standards must be applied when operating there. The shape of the hull, good logistic solutions, user-friendliness, innovation and stringent safety requirements are of the essence when our engineers, designers and other highly qualified professionals are searching for optimum, quality-assured solutions.

Technology-focused company
The building of special-purpose vessels demands special qualities and expertise in a number of areas. Havyard Maritime delivers technology, products, advanced solutions and design to customers all over the world. Complex and sophisticated vessels regularly leave the shipyard at the mouth of the Sogne fjord to operate in the oceans of the world. The design from Havyard Maritime is presented in the market as Havyard-design.

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