Published 2017-10-27 00:00:00
Russian Fish Company orders six ST192 fish factory trawlers

Admiralteiskie Verfi to build six trawlers for Russian Fishery Company
Admiralteiskie Verfi (United Shipbuilding Corporation) and Russian Fishery Company signed contracts for construction of six trawlers of Project ??-192 (ST192, note rd77), with an option for two more trawlers, says press center of USC.

The first trawler is to be built within a three-year period. The sixth ship is to be delivered to the customer in 2023. The contract price exceeds RUB 37 bln. The ships will be built under the state programme of ‘investment quotas’.

Russian Fishery Company currently operates 12 large trawlers and two refrigerator ships with average age of 30 years. The company high-speed made a decision to replace the ships with new ones of higher ice class and performance.

Key characteristics of ??-192 (ST192) RFC: length – 108.2 m, breadth – 21 m, displacement (loaded) – 11,873 t, deadweight (loaded ) – 5,332 t, ice class - ICE 1 A.

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