Published 2018-07-04 00:00:00
Skipsteknisk designs ultra-modern surimi factory trawler
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Skipsteknisk AS
Vostokrybprom LLC has made effective a building contract with Tersan Shipyard in Turkey for the building and complete outfitting of a top efficient and environment friendly factory trawler.

This new shipbuilding contract is Tersan Shipyard’s build number 1090 and is scheduled for delivery in July 2020. Vostokrybprom LLC is a company that are harvesting fish in the environmentally safe areas of the Russian Far East.

With its length of 108,2 meters and beam of 21,0 meters it becomes the worlds-largest purpose-built factory trawler newbuilding for more than 25 years!

During the conceptual design stages, special attention has been taken to obtain lowest possible carbon footprint and to meet the highest standards of Health, Safety and Environment available. This top modern trawler having designation ST-192 represents the first genuine factory trawler in the next generation of large size trawlers yet to be built.

Some main characteristics:

•Good Ice trawling capacity
•Accommodation for 139 crew
•Powerful trawl winches and net drums
•Catching and processing capacity for more than 400 tons of Pollock per day
•Catching and processing capacity for about 350 tons of Herring per day
•Up to 300 tons per day freezing capacity
•Fish meal and oil plant with capacity to process up to 250 tons of residual raw material per day
•More than 4000 m3 freezing hold capacity
•More than 1000 m3 fish meal hold capacity

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