Published 2018-08-10 00:00:00
Fehn Pollux with Flettner rotor

On June 27 „Fehn Pollux“ fnished fnally her sea trials. „We are extremely satisfed with the performance of the Flettner rotor and that of the vessel,“ says Ralf Oltmanns after a series of tests in the North Sea. The project manager is one of the driving forces behind the project to install a prototype of the Eco Flettner on a commercial vessel.
„After three intensive weeks we are very happy to see her back in service“, says Matthias Hesse, Managing Director of Fehn Ship Management. „I must admit that in the beginning we were a little apprehensive, because regardless how meticulous you prepare the installation, working with a prototype has always its imponderables. It meant hard work and
long hours for all people involved. But in the end the rotor works as promised, the vessel behaves perfectly and our eforts paid of.“
One of the main tasks for the team of Fehn Ship Management was to prepare „Fehn Pollux“ for the installation of the 37 t rotor on the forecastle. That included a strengthening of the hull structure and the securing of the rotor foundation. At the same time new wires had to be laid between the forecastle and the bridge to connect the Eco-Flettner with its control console. The crew was not only involved in the installation of the rotor, but had also some interesting hours in the ship handling simulator in Leer, where they trained to manoeuvre the Flettner-equipped vessel in various situations.

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