Published 2019-07-03 00:00:00
NEOLINE orders two sail powered cargo ships
The return of sail-powered cargo ships

On the occasion of the maritime event La Mer XXL, NEOLINE announces that it has chosen the offer of the Loire-based company Neopolia S.A.S. for the construction of its first two innovative sailing main propulsion vessels. This decision follows the international call for tenders launched in 2018 by NEOLINE to some fifteen shipyards. The construction of the first ship is scheduled to start at the end of 2019, with a launch scheduled for the end of 2021.
NEOLINE is developing a new transport service based on the operation of innovative ro-ro sailing vessels, saving 80% to 90% of consumption and the associated carbon footprint. Scheduled to start up in 2021, the first line will connect Saint-Nazaire to the American east coast and Saint-Pierre & Miquelon.
Neopolia S.A.S. is a company created by the Neopolia network, whose purpose is to federate and develop work together 235 companies on major industrial projects to ensure the development of industrial sectors through its market clusters within the Pays de la Loire Region. Neopolia S.A.S. offers collaborative, innovative and sustainable solutions that create value for members and the territory, but also for customers..
With the support of key players such as Groupe Renault, Manitou Group and Groupe Beneteau, who have validated the logistical and economic relevance of the new service for the region’s manufacturers, NEOLINE is taking another major step forward with the signing of a Letter of Order Intent with Neopolia S.A.S.

Built by Neopolia, NEOLINE’s ships are intended to become real international ambassadors for the territory’s companies, and to embody France’s ability to achieve its energy transition in the field of maritime transport.
This signature is also an important success for the company Neopolia S.A.S, which has succeeded to federate its members to meet the specifications of a demanding project that offers new perspectives for the Loire-based naval industry.

The Neoliner, a 136-meter long roll-on, roll-off (ro-ro) ship with 4,200 square meters of sails developed by NEOLINE, makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared with a traditional cargo ship on an equivalent route. To achieve this, it features an innovative blend of technical solutions borrowed from the maritime transport industry, as well as from the world of competitive sailing, in order to make transport more logistically and economically proficient, while also setting the bar for energy efficiency
Equipped with 2 loading ramps, the NEOLINER can load cargo units of various sizes and types of packaging in 2 loading spaces, fully protected and secured in the event of rough conditions.
Thanks to a set of mobile decks (car-decks), its transport capacities are optimized to load various types of freight, from light to heavy or oversized, up to 9.8m high and 200 tonnes, without any needs of lifting means.
In terms of volume, the NEOLINER’s carrying capacity is:
Ro-ro: 1500 linear meters or 500 cars
Containers : 280 TEUs
Conventional : 5000 t
Length: 136 m
Width: 24.2 m
Water draft: 5.5 m (port) / 14 m (offshore)
Air draft: 67 m / 41 m (tilted masts)
Displacement: 11000 t
Deadweight capacity: 5000 t
Total sail surface: 4200 m˛
Power (diesel-elec.): 4000 kW
Commercial speed: 11 kts
Max. engine speed: 14 kts
Crew members: 14
Ramp capacities: 9,80m(height) by 12,60m(width)

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