Published 2020-03-14 00:00:00
1,600mt Leg Encircling Crane for Fred. Olsen Windcarrier

Huisman announces today that it has signed a contract with Fred. Olsen Windcarrier for the delivery of a 1,600mt Leg Encircling Crane. Fred. Olsen Windcarrier is upgrading one of its jack-up vessels with this new crane, capable of installing foundations and all known next generation offshore wind turbines. With its upgraded crane, the vessel of Fred. Olsen Windcarrier will be capable of installing larger foundations and handling all known next generation turbines. Upon delivery in 2022, the unique 1,600mt Leg Encircling Crane will be the tallest in the market.

With this new Huisman Leg Encircling Crane, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier is equipped for the next generation wind turbines installation.
Capacities of the Huisman Leg Encircling Crane:
•Aux hook 400mt @165m above deck (140m boom)
•1250mt@38.5m @155m above deck (140m boom)
•1600mt@32m (105m boom)
Features & benefits of the Huisman Leg Encircling Crane:
•Small tail swing allows for optimised utilisation of free deck space.
•A fully electrically driven system, resulting in reduced maintenance and higher reliability.
•A unique Lambda boom design, allowing extension of the boom, resulting in high flexibility.
•The stiff construction of the Lambda shaped boom results in reduced motions at the crane tip.
•Catchers on all blocks/hooks minimise time spent on stowing.
•The small/compact size of the crane in combination with its low own weight and high lifting capacity (1,600mt) make the crane unique and suitable for both the installation of wind turbines (long boom and light weight crane design) and the installation of foundations (short boom and strong crane construction.)

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