Published 2020-07-27 00:00:00
Sealoader-1 testing of ship-to-ship offloading

OSM Maritime Group contributes in another important Maritime Milestone!

Total is testing a ship-to-ship offloading technology A new oil transfer system with the use of a Cargo Transfer Vessel (CTV), could offer significant savings and cut Co2 emissions.

Testing takes place on the Lapa oil field in the pre-salt Guaratiba Group of the South Atlantic Santos Basin.

The Cargo Transfer Vessels are fully managed by OSM team in Norway in cooperation with OSM Brazil as EBN. OSM have combined our expertise on both Shuttle tankers (DPST) and Offshore vessels in this project to have the best operation for the vessels purpose.

The 2nd phase of the offshore testing consisted of field tests, telemetry system tests and emergency simulations which have been successfully completed. We are looking forward to the next stage of the testing program.

The Cargo Transfer Vessel now enables an export tanker to safely approach an FPSO and receive its cargo directly without utilizing a DPST or requiring the subsequent transfer of crude oil from the DPST to a conventional tanker.

This transfer system, developed for difficult deep offshore environments, can also be used in mature fields to avoid the investment required to install or replace offloading buoys.
More efficient and less costly transfers, consuming less energy

The Cargo Transfer Vessel eliminates the cost of chartering a DPST and the risks involved in its operation, loading and unloading. The process is also safer due to the distance between the FPSO and the tanker being increased from 150 to 400 meters.

Unloading operations are now completed in their entirety (without the subsequent transfer of crude oil) in just two days, a significant reduction in the time taken to bring the hydrocarbons to market.

The Cargo Transfer Vessel is equipped with a hybrid energy production system that considerably reduces its fuel consumption. Greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced.

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