Published 2020-08-04 00:00:00
MHO-Co creates the future hybrid CTVs

MHO-Co has designed two new hybrid catamarans where modern electric motors saves on weight, space and emission for the benefit of the environment as well as fuel economy in the offshore wind industry. But that is not all. The 35-meter CTVs are designed to be ready for other environmentally friendly technologies of the future, and an even more sustainable operation.
In the summer of 2021, MHO-Co willlaunch the two specially designed catamarans on contract with Ørsted, where they are scheduled to transport technicians and equipment to the British offshore wind farm Hornsea Project 2 in the North Sea.
The vessels’ newly developed hybrid propulsion packagesaredesigned in a way which enables them to be adapted at a later state to future eco-friendly power generating methods such as hydrogen fuel cells or other technologies.
Designed by Mik Henriksen, MHO-Co
•35-meter catamaran
•110 m² fore deck and 15m² aft deck
•Equippedwith Danfoss’ Editron PM-Electric motors
•Fits 24 passengers
•Fitted with large lounge area and eight cabins
•Completed 2ndquarter 2021
•Will servicethe Hornsea Project 2 Offshore Wind Farm for Ørsted based out of Grimsby, UK
•Built by Afai Southern Shipyard (Panyu Guangzhou) Ltd., in Guangzhou, China

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