Published 2020-10-02 00:00:00
DESS Aqua orders new Salt designs prepared for zero emission

DESS Aquaculture Shipping AS in Grimstad, Norway, has ordered new large Live Fish Carriers based on a design developed by Salt Ship Design. The vessels will be built by Sefine shipyard in Turkey, and the first two vessels will be delivered from the shipyard Q3 2022 and Q1 2023. The shipbuilding contract includes two optional vessels.

Salt has been working closely with Mowi and DESS Aqua over some time to explore operational requirements for next generation Live Fish Carriers. New vessels shall meet more stringent regulatory requirements, and new technology make the use of the vessels more versatile. These vessels are designed with ultimate focus on fish welfare, biosecurity, hygiene, environmental footprint and built-in flexibility with regards to different types of lice treatment.

The new vessels are 91.1m long, have a beam of 22.4m and a fish well capacity of more than 6.000m3. The power and propulsion system is designed for maximum fuel flexibility. Four dual fuel gensets combined with two gas tanks arranged as a flexible energy platform enable a mix of MGO, LNG, Biogas and Ammonia (prepared for), dependant on availability of fuel source.

For our ship designers, it has been very exciting to cooperate so closely with a team of experts with superior fish farming and operational expertise. The joint design development has resulted in high capacity vessels equipped with a comprehensive fish handling package designed and delivered by MMC First Process.

The newbuilding program supports DESS Aqua’s strategy to offer modern, flexible and innovative vessels combining highest fish welfare standards and environmentally sustainable solutions. The same ship owner has previously contracted seven Aquaculture vessels based on design from Salt Ship Design.

For Salt, this represents a very important contract, which adds up the order book to 19 vessel designs under construction.

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