Published 2020-12-19 00:00:00
VARD with next generation ECO-friendly cable layer
Fincantieri subsidiary strengthens its position in theoffshorewindmarket

Fincantieri Norwegian subsidiary Vard, one ofthe major global shipbuilders of specialized vessels, has signed an agreementfor the design and construction of a highly innovative eco-friendly cable laying vessel withthe Dutch company Van Oord, leader in several offshore segments,which has preferred the project of the Fincantieri subsidiary to thoseof several competing companies.The ship will be built at the yards of Tulcea (Romania) and Brattvaag(Norway) and be delivered in 2023. The vessel will have a length of 130 meters and a beam of 28 meters, and it will be used for the offshore wind farm activities. This will enableVardtostrengthen its position in thesector, as well asin the one of specialized high performancevesselsfacing themost demanding environmental conditions.The ship will upgradethe technological and sustainability level of Van Oord's fleet. Van Oord isafamily-owned company with over 150 years of experience as a specialized marine contractor and about5,000 employees.Thenewunitwill be based on theVARD 9 02 design, developed withthelatest sustainable technologies for the reduction ofthe carbon footprint during operations and port mooring. Besides being runonbiofuel, this hybrid vessel will feature futurefuel ready engines with built-in flexibility to be powered withe-fuels, high-performance and low emissionssynfuels. It willalsohave a large battery pack, a shore supply connection and a state-of-the-art energy management system. This sustainable set-up will result in higher energy efficiency, thus reducingCO2, NOx and SOx emissions.The recent orders acquire

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