Published 2021-03-08 00:00:00
Deltamarin with a new LNG-powered Kielmax Container design
Deltamarin introduces the new LNG-powered Kielmax Container Feeder design

Deltamarin is proud to introduce the new state-of-the-art LNG-powered Kielmax container vessel of the C.Delta series, C.Delta2100. This new design is based on extensive research and development work to establish the best-in-class design in terms of cargo capacity, flexibility and fuel economy, as well as the proven performance of the built Polar Code C.Delta2150 design. It provides a flexible platform for a whole series of designs, which can be adapted to various customers’ requirements as a result of several optional feature studies. The platform design is “future-proof”, taking into consideration possibilities to use alternative fuels to reduce carbon footprint or even zero-emission power production.

The choice of the main dimensions (length, breadth, block coefficient in combination with a larger propeller) in total results in a higher speed respective in less power demand at the design speed/contract point compared with reference designs.

The platform design includes ice class 1A for unlimited Baltic Sea operation. The vessel is equipped with lashing bridges to access reefer containers.

Increased cargo-carrying capacity
The C.Delta2100 provides a container capacity of 2,100 TEU in four cargo holds and on deck. The increased cargo hold breadth improves stability in the fully laden condition. This results in an increased utilisation rate of about 75% (1,595 TEU) of nominal container intake in the homogeneous loading condition at scantling draught carrying a’ 14t TEU containers. Furthermore, intake can be optimised to a specific cargo profile and even further improved by considering route-specific loading.

Container sizes L 20’/40’/45’x B 8’/2500mm x H 8’6/9’6, able to accommodate pallet wide, HC containers in holds (max. 5 tiers) and on hatches, 45’ container bays arranged on some of hatch covers as well as one bay in the hold.
Main Particulars of C.Delta2100
Length overall 179.40 m
Breadth 31.00 m
Draught, design 8.50 m
Draught at Kielmax 8.50 m
Draught, scantling 10.00 m
Capacity 2,100 TEU
Capacity at 14 t/TEU 1,595 TEU
Reefer plugs 450
Deadweight at design draught 18,500 t
Deadweight at Kielmax draught (FW) 17,750 t
Deadweight at scantling draught 25,300 t
Service speed (15% sea margin) 18.0 kn
Main engine MAN 6G60ME-C10.5-GI-EcoEGR-TIII or equivalent
SMCR 11,500 kW
NCR 9,775 kW
LNG tank capacity 2*480 m3

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