Published 2022-02-02 00:00:00
New orders for Edda Wind and Salt Ship design

Edda Wind continue their ambition to serve the renewable marked with state of the art CSOVís (Commissioning Service Operation Vessels). Adding to their newbuild program, they order three new Salt Ship Design CSOVís. By 2025 Edda Wind will have 9 Salt-designed windfarm vessels in operation.

Salt Ship Design is proud to be part of Edda Windís success in the exciting Offshore Wind Farm market. The new series of vessels will be built at shipyards Gondan and Colombo.

For the owners Edda Wind, as well as Salt, the main design objective has been to build the most environmentally friendly vessels without compromising operational capabilities. The vessel design will reduce emission of greenhouse gases significantly. The vessels will also be prepared for zero-emission operation. The technology is based on Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC), which will ensure safe and efficient use of hydrogen as an energy source.

Emission free ships and renewable energy are cornerstones in Salt Ship Designs strategy when designing new vessels. And the new Edda Wind vessels are a further proof of our strategy to be the selected ship designers for ship owners with ambitions for a greener vessel fleet.

With the three new CSOV ordered today, Salt have a portfolio of 11 Windfarm Support Vessels delivered and under construction.

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