Published 2022-02-09 00:00:00
Erik Thun Group has ordered two new dry cargo vessels

Erik Thun Group has ordered two new dry cargo vessels from Scheepsverf Ferus Smit B.V in the Netherlands, with the
intention to replace some of the existing vessels with the ordered new-buildings.
The new vessels are a further evolvement of Erik Thun’s existing fleet and focus on efficiency, environmental care and customers’ needs
has been essential when developing the new vessels. They are built to the absolute latest design meeting and often exceeding existing
and forthcoming regulations. Reduced fuel consumption, an increased cargo intake, less exhaust emissions and lowered noise levels are
a few examples of our trademarks. The new-buildings are equipped with a frequency converter for versatile shore power connection.
”We are looking forward to the next generation of vessels providing our clients with sustainable and smart solutions, delivering the cargo
on time with the best environmental performance possible for the time being.”
–Jens Bäckström, Senior Charterer at Erik Thun AB
”In Erik Thun, we have always had a high focus on resource efficiency translating into modern environmental care. It is a challenge to
build vessels fit for the future, but our long experience gives us a good basis for continual improvement and innovative design.”
–Henrik Källsson, Deputy Managing Director at Erik Thun Group
We are proud to develop these new dry cargo vessels in cooperation with Ferus Smit B.V. with whom we have a longstanding relationship. This order will in fact be our 40th vessel together in our mutual strive to improve every new generation of ships to be as environmentally efficient as possible. The first vessel will be delivered in spring 2022 and the second approximately a year later, in spring 20

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