Published 2022-01-19 00:00:00
SEAONICS launches a all-electric gangway for SOV
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Seaonics AS

SEAONICS launches a new all-electric gangway for the offshore wind market
SEAONICS accelerates the trend towards electrification and autonomous operations in the renewable offshore wind energy market with the launch of a brand new, all-electric and autonomous gangway that makes all cargo and personnel handling greener and safer.
The latest addition to the Service Offshore Vessel (SOV) concept is called the Seaonics ECMC (Electric Controlled Motion Compensated) Gangway.

“With an increased focus on renewability and sustainability, we at Seaonics are very proud to launch a fully electric gangway, which will meet the growing demand for smart solutions within the SOV market,” says Ståle Fure, Sales Manager Offshore Wind at Seaonics.

As a specialist in advanced handling systems, with a strong background in deck logistics solutions, Seaonics has developed an SOV concept for efficient cargo and personnel handling. With increased demand for autonomous operations and functions, the company has developed an Auto-landing system based on camera and sensor technology to minimize the risk of human errors during critical operations.

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