Published 2022-04-28 00:00:00
Ørsted places order for three SESs at UMOE Mandal

The fastest crew transfer boats come the UK’s offshore wind industry.

Ørsted have commissioned three new vessels called Surface Effect Ships (SES) to improve the journey for technicians to turbines.

Ørsted, over the last couple of years, have trialled and investigated different options for transfer to the turbine, and today can reveal that three SES vessels have been signed for with World Marine Offshore.

The SES is twice as fast as a normal Crew Transfer Vessel, meaning Ørsted’s technicians will be able to get to turbines a lot quicker.

The new vessels have technology to help the waves pass under the vessel, with an air cushion that acts as a damper, ensuring much more stable transfers to and from the wind turbines. There is also 25% reduced fuel consumption compared to competing vessels in high speed.

The three vessels will be in operation on the East Coast of England from June 15th. One will be on hire, with two being new builds for Ørsted.

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