Published 2022-06-02 00:00:00
Deltamarin to design climate-friendly train ferry
Deltamarin to design climate-friendly train ferry for Fennorail

Deltamarin has signed a contract with Oy Fennorail Ltd for conceptual design of the EUROCARRIER train ferry capable of carrying both train and truck cargo.
The aim of the EUROCARRIER train ferry is to connect Finland to the European TEN-T railway networks and create a connection across Eastern Europe to Central Europe and the Mediterranean. Approximately 400,000 trucks per year, or almost 1,100 trucks per day travel on car ferries between Finland and Estonia. The emission footprint from heavy goods vehicles (road cargo) is more than five times greater than rail traffic, so significant emission reduction can be achieved by shifting a portion of the cargo from road to rail.

The vessel will operate in the Baltic Sea and have a capacity of more than 1,000 lane meters for train cargo and an additional 1,500 lane meters for trucks. The objective is to develop the world’s greenest train ferry by optimising the design and selecting machinery system compatible with alternative fuels such as LNG and green hydrogen.

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