Published 2022-08-24 00:00:00
Carsoe to deliver to the new innovative Frøyanes

Norwegian shipowner Ervik Havfiske AS has chosen Carsoe to deliver the onboard shrimp and crab processing factory. The factory is customized for their new fishing vessel, Frøyanes, which will also include a revolutionary moonpool design for crab fishing. The vessel has been designed by Marin Teknikk AS.
Innovative cooking of crab improves onboard working environment
A safe and efficient working environment is a natural part of designing a processing factory. In this case, the processing of crab emphasizes the need for designing a safe cooking process to reduce the risk of respiratory health issues for the factory workers.

The focus in the production design has been to reduce the steam from crab cooking. A carefully planned production flow encapsulates the steam and prevents it from being released to the production environment.

Senior Sales Manager at Carsoe, Bjørn Ståle Bjørkavåg elaborates:

We are very proud to contribute to this innovative vessel with a ground-breaking cooking process. This may very well set a new standard for safe onboard processing of crab.
Processing factory for crab and shrimp
On the factory deck are two complete processing lines: One for shrimp and one for crab.

Aside from the innovative crab cooking equipment, the crab line also includes butchering station, grading and cleaning, freezing and glazing of up to 20 tons of crab legs a day. The dual shrimp processing line includes bi-catch separators, grading and cooking. The cooked shrimp are frozen in two IQF freezers with a capacity of 22 tons of IQF frozen shrimp a day. Also, five vertical freezers ensure a 20 tons capacity for shrimp in blocks.

Following the processing lines, all finished products proceed to a compact hotel solution for automatic sorting of the products. Each product type is then palletized in clean pallets for minimum handling on shore. The Carsoe factory deck also includes an elevator to the cargo hold as well as an offloading elevator shipside with flexible offloading height towards quayside, compensating for high and low tide.

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