Published 2023-01-04 00:00:00
H2Carrier AS and Anori A/S sign letter of LOI

H2Carrier AS and the Greenland based company Anori A/S have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the purpose of developing the first commercial wind farm in Greenland with subsequent production and export of green ammonia. The wind farm is projected to comprise 1.5GW renewable energy which will supply power to H2Carrier’s floating production vessel for hydrogen and green ammonia, the so-called P2XFloater™. Green ammonia will be stored in tanks onboard the vessel, then exported to smaller shipping vessels and carried to the international market for ammonia. This large project will enable Greenland to play a key role within global decarbonisation.

H2Carrier has developed a proprietary design for a vessel which will produce, store and export green ammonia, the P2XFloater™. This design has been developed in a close co-operation with leading engineering firms in Norway. As far as H2Carrier is aware, the P2XFloater™is the first of its kind to be launched on a global basis capable of producing hydrogen and ammonia on an industrial scale. The P2XFloater™ is based on well proven technologies from floating production of oil and gas (FPSOs- floating production, storage and offloading) in combination with control systems which optimise renewable power, electrolysers and the Haber-Bosch-process for production of ammonia. H2Carrier will build, own/lease and operate a fleet of P2XFloaters™ on PtX projects globally.

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