Published 2023-01-19 00:00:00
ESVAGT JV awarded offshore wind contract in the USA

With a 15-year contract to service the largest offshore wind farm in North America, ESVAGT has made a breakthrough in the buoyant American offshore wind market.

ESVAGT’s US joint venture, CREST, co-owned with Crowley, has signed its first contract in the North American offshore wind market.

Under the terms of the 15-year agreement with Siemens Gamesa, CREST will deliver and operate a new-build Service Operation Vessel (“SOV”) in support of North America's largest offshore wind farm, Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind, situated off the coast of Virginia. CREST will start building the SOV imminently with commissioning taking place in 2026.
The contract builds on the existing relationship between Siemens and ESVAGT in Europe, where ESVAGT is the market leader in offshore wind SOV operations, and provides an important credential for CREST at a moment when growth in the US offshore wind market is rapidly accelerating.

The contract is amongst the very largest in ESVAGT’s history, and fits squarely into ESVAGT’s strategy of supporting its customers’ growth ambitions in offshore wind internationally:
In 2021, ESVAGT and Crowley formed the CREST Wind partnership, operating within US legislation with specific requirements for local ownership, shipbuilding, and crewing.

"This vessel is an important milestone in the journey towards our ambition to develop and enable a US offshore wind market and support America's need for sustainable, renewable energy generation," said Bob Karl, senior vice president and general manager, Crowley Wind Services.

Facts CREST Wind
The CREST Wind joint venture was established in 2021 by Crowley and ESVAGT with the desire to combine the best of both worlds: ESVAGT’s Market-leading European innovation, know-how, and operational experience in offshore wind, alongside Crowley’s leading experience in local American logistics and fleet operation of the highest quality.

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