Published 2023-02-07 00:00:00
Hybrid well boat Bakkafossur added to Bakkafrost fleet

A significant moment for the business took place on Saturday the 7th of January 2023, as one of the largest well boats in the global aquaculture industry – the 109-metre Bakkafossur – was added to the Bakkafrost Faroe Islands fleet.

A reception at the headquarters at Glyvrar with the Bakkafrost board members and senior management, Aksel V. Johannesen, prime minister of the Faroe Islands and other government representatives welcomed the ship and its crew members to the Faroe Islands, after making the journey from the Sefine Shipyard in Turkey, where the construction of the highly technological vessel commenced in the summer of 2020 and was completed in December 2022, when Bakkafrost took delivery of the vessel.

Bakkafossur can carry up to 1,000 tonnes of live salmon and is regarded as a huge upgrade to secure sustainable operations in the future. In addition to the five diesel-electric engines, the vessel is equipped with large batteries, ensuring an approximately 20% increase in energy efficiency. The strategic placement of the engines on the top deck secures the opportunity for a swift change to sustainable energy solutions when such are available on the market.

Equipped with reverse osmosis technology for de-salination of water with a production capacity of 6,000 tonnes of freshwater a day, Bakkafossur adds significant freshwater treatment capacity to Bakkafrost’s operations in the Faroe Islands. Treating salmon with freshwater is an efficient way to rinse the gills, restore gill health and ensure more robust and healthy growth. In addition, Bakkafossur will be equipped with an FLS sea-lice removal system, increasing biosecurity in line with Bakkafrost’s sustainability strategy.
Bakkafossur is also prepared for offshore farming.

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