Published 2023-03-16 00:00:00
Green yard Kleven Sustainable retrofit of offshore ships

Green Yard Kleven has completed and delivered two retrofit projects for the Brazilian shipowner Oceanica. Oceanicasub Vlll and Oceanicasub lX have been rebuilt from offshore supply vessels to advanced offshore vessels for ROV- and crane operations.

- Both rebuilding projects were largely based on reused equipment and focused on sustainability at the request of the shipowner, which is very relevant to our activity. Our experience from both new buildings, retrofit, and recycling of ships came in handy in the projects, says Karl Johan Barstad, Sales Manager Retrofit in Green Yard Kleven.

Newly built mezzanine deck and used cranes

Green Yard Kleven has built new mezzanine decks for the operation of remotely operated vehicles, and ROV systems, with associated control rooms and offices for the operators on both ships.

-Through our contact network around the world, we found 2nd hand offshore cranes for the vessels. The cranes are updated to today's standard and can be used for many years to come, says Barstad.

Project with a strong focus on sustainability
Important elements for achieving a high degree of sustainability are lifetime extension for the ship, overhaul, and repair of existing equipment, installation of used equipment, and reuse of interiors and furniture from recycled ships. The ship was connected to shore power from renewable sources at the quay.

-There is also an economic advantage of reusing equipment for both shipowners and shipyards, at the same time it significantly improves its environmental impact and footprint. We are experiencing an increasing interest in this type of project in addition to hybridization and other energy-efficient systems that can be retrofitted, explains Barstad.

Reactivation and classing
The interior of the ship is expanded with extra capacity for the crew, an expanded booth, meeting rooms, a gym, and office facilities. Green Yard Kleven has also assisted with the reactivation and classification of the ships, both of which were taken out of layup and sold by two different shipowners in connection with the project. Dry docking of the ships has been carried out by a cooperating dockyard in the area.

-The shipowner has expressed that they are very pleased with the cooperation between Green Yard Kleven, Marin Teknikk, and DNV, as well as the proximity one has to all the equipment suppliers in our maritime cluster, says Rickard K. Gjerde, Sales Director and Senior Naval Architect for Marine Teknikk.

Moved the project from Brazil to Green Yard Kleven
The rebuilds on the two ships have been the same and have been carried out in close collaboration with shipowners Oceanica and the designer Marin Teknikk AS.

-When Oceanica met us last summer to sign for design and engineering work for the vessel(s) they had bought, they initially thought of doing the actual rebuilding work in Brazil. Considering the short time frame they had to get the work done, as well as the challenges with the logistics of various equipment, we strongly recommended that the projects be carried out at shipyards in Norway, says Gjerde.

Green Yard Kleven was contacted and after a short time, the deals were in place.

-The yard has delivered efficient and very good work in accordance with the agreed time and cost, says Gjerde.

A third project for Oceanica
Green Yard Kleven also currently has a third project in work for Oceanica, Oceanicasub XL, and looks forward to continuing good cooperation and more projects in the future.

-We are proud and happy with these assignments -it has been exciting to work with a shipowner and design company that has a conscious focus on sustainability. We both want ships with crew luck and happiness on the operation outside the coast of Brazil, Barstad concludes.

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