Atlantic Marine As
Lerstadvegen 517

Telephone (+ 47) 70 10 18 00
Enterprise no.  995672022

Atlantic Marine AS has extensive experience in purchase and sale of fishing boats and other types of vessels, and is consenting party in the sale of 20-25 boats per. year. We place great emphasis on contact with the marked and building up good relationships with the fishing industry as a whole and also with banks, financial institutions and the authorities.

This allows us to act as consultants and discussion partners on all levels for ship owners and fishermen who wish to acquire newly built or used boats. Our employees have very extensive experience in various maritime industries and are also very well versed in shipbrooking. We place great emphasis on having a close, informal relationship with our customers and other contacts within the industry in order to contribute to honest and serious deals, which realise fishermen's dreams. This gives us satisfied customers who come back time and time again.

Our Service
We perform shipbrooking services in association with the purchase and sale of new and used boats. We also help with applications to the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries and other authorities, contract negotiations and the completion of necessary documentation. We also provide assistance with applications for loans and arrange contacts with various financial institutions.

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