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Level 2: Search by Vessel name, Company name, Former name, Fishing id. no.,
Call sign. Search by build year from to.
Search by vessel flag nation.
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Search by characteristics of vessel type, such as:
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Subscription rates
Basic price:
Level 1: 50 /year
Level 2: 100- /year

Minimum order: Basic price + one fleet.

Access to vessel information is permitted on a fleet-by-fleet basis
separated by nationality and/or type of vessel
similar to our annual publications in book format
Presently, the following fleets are available:

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Level 1: 50/year
Level 2: 100/year
Fleet groups
Norwegian merchant fleet (INS Vol. 1) 50/year
Norwegian fishing fleet(1) (INS Vol. 2) 50/year
Norwegian fishing fleet(2) (INS Vol. 3) 50/year 50/year
Danish merchant fleet 50/year
Danish, Faeroes and Greenland Fishing fleets (FFI) 50/year
Swedish and Finland merchant fleets 50/year
German Merchant fleet 50/year
Dutch merchant fleet 50/year
English and Irish fishing fleets 100/year
European Dry Cargo Vessels (level 2 included) 295/year
European Tankers (Level 2 included) 295/year
European Tugs (Level 2 included) 120/year
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