Published 2023-04-03 00:00:00
J Lauritzen/Cargill orders methanol-fueled bulk carriers

Tsuneishi shipbuilding has reached a basic agreement on an order for the world’s first methanol-fueled bulk carrier with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. for Cargill. The order is for two KAMSARMAX ships, the first of which is scheduled to be completed in the latter half of 2025.

Orders of methanol-fueled ships to date were mainly for container carriers. With the aim of building zero-emission ships, we launched R&D at an early stage of methanol-fueled ships using green methanol*1, which led to this order.

The KAMSARMAX is the best-selling ship design of Tsuneishi Shipbuilding with a sales record of more than 350 ships worldwide. Our newly developed KAMSARMAX will be a dual fuel-fired (methanol and heavy oil) bulk carrier. By loading an independent large-capacity methanol fuel tank, we have secured ample cruising distance to satisfy customer needs, even with methanol. Moreover, in addition to the significant enhancement in fuel efficiency due to the improved hull shape, compared to the conventional KAMSARMAX design, we applied an upgraded version of “AEROLINE”*2, our unique wind resistance reduction technology used in the TESS 64/66 series, to KAMSARMAX for the first time to improve performance in the ocean.

The simply structured methanol fuel tank is placed on the stern to maintain the large cargo hold capacity, which characterizes KAMSARMAX, while ensuring the safety and ease of cargo handling and safe and efficient maintenance by the crew. The ship’s high versatility is maintained by applying most of the principal particulars and specifications of the conventional KAMSARMAX.

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