Published 2023-05-03 00:00:00
Greencarrier and Wallenius launch Lakeway Link

Greencarrier and Wallenius are proud to announce the establishment of Lakeway Link, a new company aimed at reducing heavy traffic by offering extended waterway transport. Thanks to new vessels maximised for the new ship standard, Mälarmax, Lakeway Link will offer more sustainable regular traffic for Roll-on/roll-off and High and Heavy between Lake Mälaren and Poland.

Lakeway Link will traffic the Polish cities of Gdynia and Gdansk to and from Södertälje and Västerås via Lake Mälaren. With the founding of the company, a more sustainable regular service will be opened with fixed departures twice a week from Sweden and Poland, starting at the end of the year.

Reducing emissions
The link is expected to reduce the climate footprint compared to traditional car transport between the Mälar region and the continent, an alternative that was previously absent from the market. Lakeway Link will be operated with a new type of vessel that will make it possible to connect the Baltic Sea with the shallow Lake Mälaren and cities such as Södertälje and Västerås.
Strengthening the logistics network
The new service also addresses another current problem: the severe shortage of truck drivers. In addition, Lakeway Link offers transport of trailers, which means that the driver does not have to bring a tractor unit. The service will strengthen the logistics network to and from the Mälar region, as well as facilitate traffic to and from the whole of Sweden and other final destinations, not least Norway.

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